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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thou shalt not kill!

Media lie to you, their customers are the advertising corporations NOT YOU!!

Prince Philip’s Malthusians Launch New Age Killer Cults
by Mark Burdman and Roger MooreIn 1988, Britain’s Prince Philip expressed the wish that, should he be
reincarnated, he would want to be a deadly virus that would reduce world
population. [fn1] Today, his wish is finding expression in a
proliferation of bizarre, Malthusian grouplets, killer cults, which
openly, on the Internet and elsewhere, call for actions to dramatically
reduce world population, if not to eliminate the human race in its
entirety, on behalf of “Mother Earth,” or “Gaia.” These groups are not
just some lunatic fringe that can be brushed aside; they are the
shock-troops of Prince Philip and the British oligarchy. They have names
like the Church of Euthanasia, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement,
and the Gaia Liberation Front. They represent a more radical version of
such clones of Prince Philip’s World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), as
Earth First! and other eco-terrorist organizations. [fn2]

In recent decades, it has been the desire of Prince Philip and his WWF
minions, that “Mother Earth worship” be taught to children, from the
elementary school level on up. Is it surprising, that certain unstable
members of the younger generation could be programmed to grow up in such
an enraged state, that they would wish to destroy the human race?

The killer cults, furthermore, are just the gutter expression of ideas
that are freely set forth, by “respectable” groups and institutions, in
universities and think-tanks, and by individuals who have held
high-level posts in the U.S. government. These are primarily grouped
around an entity called Negative Population Growth (NPG), which was
created in 1972, and which has become more brazenly homicidal in recent

NPG and its offshoots are effectively the implementation tools of a
section of the U.S. State Department, which, during Henry Kissinger’s
reign as Secretary of State, produced, in 1974, the National Security
Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM-200) report, “Implications of Worldwide
Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” Later in
the 1970s, the same State Department nest played a prominent role in
producing the Jimmy Carter White House’s Global 2000 atrocity. The
official State Department Coordinator for Global 2000, Lindsey Grant,
is, today, a seminal figure in NPG. Grant’s current State Department
successor, Tim Wirth, is praised by NPG is “the best Deputy Secretary of
State for Population and Environment we’ve had in a long time.”

With its propaganda for a massive reduction of the American population,
NPG serves the purposes of those British forces, in the environs of
Prince Philip, who have openly stated their intention to destroy the
United States, to break the country into separate and competing
“bio-regions,” over the coming years.

What makes all this more alarming, is the May 1 election of Tony Blair
as British prime minister. According to a key figure in Britain’s
leading neomalthusian lobbying organization, Population Concern, the
Blair government is much more open to “policies of population
limitation” than was the previous John Major government. Population
Concern, whose official patron is Prince Philip, sponsored a speech on
July 10, before the British All-Party Group on Population in the British
Parliament, by Clare Short, Blair’s minister for overseas development.
The Population Concern source, who maintains regular liaison with NPG
head Donald Mann in the United States, is hopeful that Short will follow
in the footsteps of her predecessor as overseas development minister,
Baroness Lynda Chalker, who is seen as the one figure in the Major
regime who had a strong bias for “population limitation” policies. As
readers of EIR know, Baroness Chalker is a controller of the African
governments and military units now committing genocide in what used to
be Zaire.


Save The Planet, Kill Yourself Over the past months, increasing
attention has been drawn to the Church of Euthanasia, based in Boston,
Massachusetts, and headed by the self-professed “Reverend” Chris Korda,
the son of New York-based author Michael Korda. Chris Korda is a
biological male who often dresses in women’s clothes. In November 1996,
the German magazine Der Spiegel published a three-page exposé of this
“Church,” reporting that it had some 1,000 members in the United States,
and was growing. In its literature, Korda’s group advocates “suicide,
abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy,” while its title promotes the fifth
means of what it calls “massive voluntary population reduction”:
euthanasia. One of its heroes is Jack “Dr. Death” Kevorkian. Among its
slogans, promoted on the Internet, are “Save the planet, kill yourself,”
“Thank you for not breeding,” “Learn to masturbate.” A Church
“Commandment” reads, “Thou should not procreate!” Korda writes that he
would have, long ago, killed himself, except that he decided it were
better that he stay around, to bring about the progressive elimination
of the rest of the members of the human species.

Korda praises the work of Paul (“Population Bomb”) Ehrlich, a mainstay
of the NPG.

Korda, who abhors the institution of the nuclear family, promotes what
he calls “Our Family Album” of alleged supporters and members of the
Church of Euthanasia. The album includes a photo of none other than
Henry Kissinger! A leading anti-Malthusian investigator in Germany has
raised the point, that while this may be a phony photo-montage, the fact
is that Kissinger has not repudiated the appearance of his mug in this


Eliminate The Human Species Korda is a regular “discussion partner” with
the more secretive Gaia Liberation Front, based in Toronto, Canada. The
GLF was launched on Earth Day 1990. Its “Communiqué 1,” issued at that
time, proclaimed: “Our mission is the total liberation of the Earth,
which can be accomplished only through the extinction of the Humans as a
species…. Every Human now carries the seeds of terracide. If any
Humans survive, they may start the whole thing over again. Our policy is
to take no chances.” The GLF explains, in its literature, that it
capitalizes the word “Humans,” because it regards human beings as an
“alien species,” who have genetically programmed “technological
propensities” that must inevitably end up destroying “Gaia.” The GLF
fumes, “The Humans have been usefully compared to a cancer or a
virus…. What does a surgeon do with a cancer?” The “Humans” are
particularly obstreperous, GLF complains, because they always promote
their dignity and self-worth, as in the passage from Shakespeare’s
Hamlet: “What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason!” There can
only be one solution for such a species, according to the GLF:

In a document called “A Modest Proposal,” cynically spoofing Jonathan
Swift’s devastating attack on British genocidalists, the GLF discusses
various possible methods for exterminating the human species. It rejects
nuclear war (bad for the environment), sterilization (not fast enough,
whether voluntary or involuntary), and suicide (too narrow in
application), but then exclaims about the potentials represented by
“bioengineering.” This can produce “genetically engineered viruses” that
will attack “only the target species.” They continue:

“To complicate the search for a cure or a vaccine, and as insurance
against the possibility that some Humans might be immune to a particular
virus, several different viruses could be released (with provision being
made for the release of a second round after the generals and the
politicians had come out of their shelters).” In another document, there
is a dialogue between the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT)
and the GLF, published in the VHEMT publication, These Exit Times.
Someone calling himself or herself “Spokesorganism Geophilus” declares,

“We would welcome the escape of any new anti-Human viruses–such as the
airborne version of AIDS that might result from AIDS research on mice.”
According to Geophilus, war is not such an “efficient” means of human
elimination, as it doesn’t kill enough people. “But every little bit
helps.” Asked what it thinks about genocide, the Spokesorganism responds
sympathetically, but frets that genocide usually refers only to the
elimination of a specific ethnic or racial group, and is therefore
“limited,” or even somewhat counterproductive, for reaching the aim of
eliminating the whole human race! Asked why it doesn’t commit suicide,
Geophilus responds:

“If I merely believed in Human extinction, then of course, you’d be
right. But, in my judgment, the good I’m doing by promoting the idea of
Human extinction outweighs the harm I’m doing by staying alive.” In
reviewing some of the “ideas” of the GLF, the which he “unofficially”
endorses, the Church of Euthanasia’s Korda reports about “a group of
scientists, including French chemists Jean-Michael DuPont and Henri
Mevel, who are developing a powerful toxin that will completely
eliminate the human species, without disturbing the other inhabitants of
the biosphere.”

These maniacs insist on eliminating all apes, since, they argue,
invoking Darwinian theory, one day apes will become humans, and the
onslaught against Gaia will then re-commence!


We Should Phase Ourselves Out The VHEMT promotes itself as more
“reasonable” than the GLF, since it supports “voluntary,” rather than
“involuntary” approaches to human extinction. On inspection, however,
the VHEMT policies are no less draconian. The group was founded in 1991,
in Portland, Oregon, by Les Knight, a schoolteacher. His stated purpose
is to “phase out” the human race, primarily through putting a “stop at
once, to all reproduction.” According to Knight, “each child increases
the environmental impact of a family by 50%, and two children do so by

On June 8, 1994, Knight was intervieewed on BBC World Service’s
“Outlook” program. The BBC interviewer, who chirped that Knight’s views
were “very interesting,” reported that the VHEMT was gaining support
from elements of the environmentalist movement in the United States.
Knight told BBC:

“Having made such a mess of the world, we should phase ourselves out.
We’re incompatible with the biosphere.” In the same breath that he
expressed his affection, as a schoolteacher, for children, he said that
the appropriate slogan for the times in which we are living, would be:
“Make love, not babies.” One creature who is favorably cited by these
grouplets, is the Finnish writer, and self-proclaimed “eco-fascist,”
Pentti Linkola. Linkola is quite a celebrity in Finland, with a
substantial following. In his Finland Who’s Who entry, he lists his
hobby as “destroying human culture.”

Linkola’s views were made known to a wide English-language readership,
in a May 24, 1994 front-page feature in the Wall Street Journal-Europe,
elements of which were then reported on, not unsympathetically, in a
London Times commentary by Lord William Rees-Mogg. Noting that Linkola
was in favor of “annihilating most of the human race,” the Journal
quoted him saying that a new world war would be

“a happy occasion for the planet…. If there were a button I could
press, I would sacrifice myself without hesitating, if it meant millions
of people would die.” Linkola harbors a special hatred for the United
States of America, because “the United States symbolizes the worst
ideologies in the world: growth and freedom.” In his future eco-fascist
utopia, only “a few million” Americans would be allowed to survive.

What must rule the world, in the future, according to Linkola, are
“green police,” unencumbered by the “syrup of ethics” that governs human
behavior today. They would keep progress in check. People would work as
fishermen and farmers, and “everything we have developed over the last
100 years should be destroyed.”

According to Linkola,

“We still have a chance to be cruel. But if we are not cruel today, all
is lost.”


“Respectable” Homicidal Maniacs Gruesome stuff. But how different is
this, in substance, from what is promoted by Negative Population Growth?
NPG, keep in mind, has considerable “respectability” among British and
Anglophile American influentials. It regularly places advertisements in
major American newspapers, with its demands for a reduction of the
American population to 150 million or lower. Such ad placements
obviously require substantial sums of money. One key source of funds, is
the Nebraska mega-billionaire Warren Buffett, whose possible links to a
circle of high-level satanic child abusers in that state, have become a
matter of public controversy. [fn3] NPG has infiltrated its ideas into
one current of what passes for mainstream political debate these days in
the United States, by its opposition to immigration. Its central, racist
argument, is that immigrants breed more than non-immigrant Americans,
and so are the driving force behind population growth. NPG propaganda
was widely on display during California’s anti-immigration campaign, a
couple of years back. Their work was cited positively by “conservative
Christian” Pat Buchanan, and their arguments were adopted, in
significant part, by California Gov. Pete Wilson. One finds the NPG in
constant communication with neo-conservative anti-immigrant groups and

The ideas of NPG’s head, Donald Mann, as well as those of the NPG’s Paul
Ehrlich, are promoted by a group in Britain called the Council for
Posterity. This group, affiliated closely with the United Nations
Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Unesco), is
politically and philosophically close to Oxford University Darwinian
fanatic Richard Dawkins, to New Dark Age fiction writer Sir William
Golding (Lord of the Flies), and to the chief British inventors of the
Gaia/Mother Earth mythos, James Lovelock and Edward Goldsmith, the
latter the brother of, and recipient of funds from, wheeler-dealer Sir
James Goldsmith. The Council of Posterity also promotes the ideas of
such British malthusians of the past as Unesco founder Julian Huxley and
H.G. Wells.

In 1995, NPG began distributing an essay entitled, “Confronting the 21st
Century’s Hidden Crisis: Reducing Human Numbers by 80%.” It was
authored, in May 1995, by J. Kenneth Smail, a professor of anthropology
at Kenyon College, in Gambier, Ohio, who gives courses in “biological
anthropology.” Smail’s article is written in bloodless, academic
language, but it is a document that is 1,000 times more bloodcurdling,
in content, than Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

He begins:

“My position is simply stated. Within the next half-century, it will be
essential for the human species to have fully operational a flexibly
designed, broadly equitable and internationally coordinated set of
initiatives, focussed on reducing the then-current world population by
at least 80%. Given that even with the best of intentions it will take
considerable time and exceptional diplomatic skill to develop and
implement such an undertaking, perhaps on the order of 25 to 50 years,
it is important that the process of consensus-building–local, national
and global–begin now.” Smail then enumerates a series of “essential,
incontrovertible and inescapable realities,” the which make mass murder
absolutely required. He rejects “zero population growth” approaches as
inadequate, since, even if implemented, “human population would
nevertheless continue its rapid rate of expansion.” This charming
creature further exclaims:

“Unless there appears a deadly pandemic, a devastating world war, or a
massive breakdown in public health (or a combination of all three), it
is inevitable that ongoing global gains in human longevity will continue
to make a major contribution to population expansion over the next
half-century, regardless of whatever progress might be made in reducing
fertility.” He rejects as “ridiculous,” suggestions that
“extraterrestrial migration” could help solve the problem of “excess
human population, in either the near or more distant future.” He
declares that

“it is extremely important to come to terms with the fact that the
earth’s long-term carrying capacity … is indeed finite, …
notwithstanding the high probability of continued
scientific/technological progress.” And further: “Assertions that the
earth ‘might’ be able to support a population of 10, 15 or even 20
billion for an ‘indefinite’ period of time, at a standard of living
‘superior’ to the present, are not only demonstrably false, but also
cruelly misleading. Rather, ongoing analysis by ecologists, demographers
and numerous others, suggests that it is quite likely that the earth’s
true carrying capacity … has already been exceeded by a factor or
more.” Bringing population to a level no more than 2 billion, and
perhaps no higher than 500 million, will not be a simple matter, Smail

“Obviously, a numerical dislocation of this magnitude will require a
massive reorientation of human thought, expectations and values…. Put
most simply, there seems to be no alternative to the premise, that a
very significant population reduction must necessarily follow population
stabilization…. For the stark reality is this. Population regulation
is the primary issue facing humanity; all other matters are


The New Malthusian Organizing Drive As we indicated above, a key figure
in NPG, is Lindsey Grant. Grant’s writings are frequently cited or
recommended in NPG literature, and it is he who edits the documents
(under the title, “NPG Footnotes”) distributed by NPG. During the latter
1970s, Grant was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Environment
and Population Affairs; he was the State Department coordinator for the
infamous Global 2000 project of the Carter White House; his rise at
State is related to the NSSM-200 document commissioned by Kissinger. In
its argumentation that population growth in the developing world would
impede U.S. access to vital strategic raw materials, NSSM-200 should be
seen as providing a before-the-fact rationalization for the raw
materials grab and genocide that we now see occurring in Africa. The
policies incorporated in NSSM-200 and Global 2000 are now receiving a
new shot in the arm, in part through the efforts of Cornell University
professor David Pimentel, who, with Grant and Ehrlich, is among the most
frequently cited writers in NPG literature.

In 1994, Pimentel presented a report to the American Association for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS), in which he and his co-authors argue for
an “optimal” global population of 1-2 billion. The report states that “a
drastic demographic adjustment to 1 to 2 billion humans will cause
serious social, economic, and political problems,” but that these are
preferable to the presumed consequences of “rapid population growth to
12 billion or more.”

In his above-quoted paper, Smail mentions having received a personal
communication from Pimentel, evidently soon after that 1994 report to
the AAAS, indicating that Pimentel was drastically lowering his
estimation of what the “global optimum” should be. Writes Smail, citing
Pimentel: “Actually, this 2 billion estimate may be somewhat on the
generous side, particularly in light of the fact that some recent
projections for the earth’s long-term carrying capacity have been set
much lower, in the one-half to 1 billion range.”

Pimentel is on the executive committee of a new group, the U.S.
Population Policy Project (USPPP), which released its Planning Document
on May 30 of this year. The group’s “Project Focus” is described as
follows: “The Development and Implementation of a Domestic Population
Policy in the United States, to Achieve Long-term Environmental and
Economic Sustainability.” As footnoted recommended literature, the USPPP
cites the writings of Pimentel; Lindsey Grant; Paul and Anne Ehrlich;
the British Medical Journal; the Carrying Capacity Network; and others
of the Malthusian species.

In its Planning Document, the USPPP proposes to initiate a “three-year
interdisciplinary project,” leading to a “national population policy
conference, and follow-up activities to develop and implement a
coherent, fair U.S. population policy.” The document asserts that “the
first serious attempt to develop a population policy was in Chicago,
June 7-11, 1970, when the First National Congress on Optimum Population
and Environment (COPE) was convened.” This was followed by the
“Rockefeller Commission,” officially known as President Nixon’s
Commission on Population Growth and the American Future.

The document goes on:

“In early 1974, the Nixon Administration undertook a comprehensive
study, ‘National Security Memorandum 200′ of population growth
and its implications for United States national security and overseas
interests. The United States contributed many of the findings and
recommendations in this report to the draft plan of the approaching
World Population Conference, to be held in Bucharest. Later, in 1974,
the United Nations held its first international conference on population
in Bucharest. The U.S. delegation was led by Caspar Weinberger,
President Nixon’s secretary of HEW. For the first time, overpopulation
was identified as a critical global issue.” The document discusses other
key moments in this Malthusian proces, the UN population conferences in
Mexico City (1984) and Cairo (1994), the 1995 formation of the
President’s Council on Sustainable Development, etc. A consistent theme,
throughout, is that the U.S. government has been dragging its feet on
implementing the necessary measures, so, now, more decisive action must
be taken.


Footnotes: 1.. As reported by Deutsche Press Agentur, August 1988. See
also the Prince’s foreword to Fleur Cowles, People as Animals (United
Kingdom: Robin Clark Ltd., 1986).

2.. See “Prince Philip Deploys Worldwide Green Terrorism,” EIR, Jan. 13,

3.. See John W. DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism,
and Murder in Nebraska (Lincoln, Neb.: AWT, Inc., 1992, second edition

Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, July 18, 1997

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